Bay window (mini greenhouse) plants, Tomato, Bell pepper, Potato, Romaine lettuce, Collards, Cabbage, Big head start on spring planting


I have a sizable southern exposure bay window that I have been using for years¬† to keep last year’s plants alive through the winter and to start new plants from seeds for a head start on spring planting.

I get peppers throughout the winter that we eat and get seeds from and mostly small tomatoes used for seeds.

My gardening efforts have expanded each year with more raised beds and improved soil from extensive mulching efforts which included much use of coffee grounds.

I have a narrow path of quasi complete sunshine and have placed some new raised beds in the sun’s path. This should help with potatoes and other crops.

I hope to do better with Romaine lettuce, cabbage and collards. We shall see.

My Bell Peppers and Tomatoes have done pretty well in the past. I do plan to have more Tomato plants to increase my production.

Noteworthy is how easy and inexpensive it has been to order seeds on the internet. I am paying the same price that I would locally and getting free shipping. This is saving time and gas money. The box stores had better start paying more attention. Remember Blockbusters?


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