Tire swing update, Making “kid proof”, When recycling looks can be deceiving, Good things come to those who wait


The 3 person kids tire swing  built from all recycled materials a few weeks ago was an instant hit.

It worked well as a swing using the same type chains that I have on my porch swing.

But kids will be kids and 3 kids spinning the tire like whirling dervishes put too much stress on the chain, not designed for that torque, and the weakest leak emerged. It broke.

I began to think about improvements to the swinging mechanism and made a trip to Lowes. I found a suitable replacement but decided to give it more thought before making the purchase.

Within about 2 days I noticed a pile of chains on the sidewalk next door. My neighbor had been doing an extensive clean out of his property.

At first glance it didn’t look like much. Very rusty looking.

Then I came to my senses, retrieved it and determined that a section of it was perfect to suspend the swing.

The question remained, was it structurally sound?

That question was answered after cutting through a link with a grinder. Pure steel, great condition.

I am reminded of comments from the guys on “American Pickers.”

Rust versus rot.

The chain after washing and submerging in oil had a nice patina.

No rot.

The suspension chain part of the swing is now “kid proof.”

So, the next time you ponder whether to retrieve a discarded object, if in doubt, give it a second look.








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