First VAWT wind turbine prototype test, Generator not attached, Spins in low wind, Electrical output and performance with generator will be tested, Made from recycled repurposed materials


My first prototype of a VAWT, vertical axis wind turbine, was tested yesterday in very low wind conditions and without a generator attached.

The test was a success.

In the worst possible location, in front of the garage, on the ground, with much of the wind blocked, it began spinning before the traditional HAWT propeller type wind turbine, which is elevated.

The wind turbine was made from recycled, repurposed materials.

The top and bottom were cut from a discarded dryer sheet metal and painted.

I will monitor it for startup and wind speed performance and then attach the DC generator and test for electrical output under wind conditions.

I have also been working on a design for a permanent mount and one that will eventually work well on top of the garage.

Stay tuned for updates.

R.E. Cycle

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