Electric lawnmower built from recycled repurposed parts, Test with Ryobi One+ 18v Lithium Ion batteries, More testing of cut and time performance to come

First of all, all of the batteries used so far in testing were at least 7 years old. The Ryobi batteries used in this test have been used quite a bit.

Secondly, Ryobi has a lawnmower powered by these batteries but it is only a 16″ cut. The blade on the test mower is 20″.

Also, recycled wires and connectors were used in this test.

Reported earlier:

“The mower is composed of:

Lawnmower chassis (included starter circuitry) donated by neighbor and destined for disposal.

Electric motor from a prior project.

3 12v batteries from a prior project.

Plywood from curbside disposal.

Mahogany pieces (used for motor mount) discarded by neighbor.

Electrical wire from a prior project.

Bolts and screws on hand, mostly salvaged.

Lumber for battery tray on hand and probably salvaged.”




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