Electric lawnmower built from recycled repurposed parts, Phase 1 testing success, More testing of cut and time performance, Phase 2 will include testing with Ryobi One+ 18 volt batteries

Today I performed the first use test of the electric lawnmower made from recycled and repurposed parts. The correct motor size arbor was ordered over the internet for an approx. total cost of $ 10 (including shipping). An additional $ 5 was spent on electrical connectors and set screws.

The mower is composed of:

Lawnmower chassis (included starter circuitry) donated by neighbor and destined for disposal.

Electric motor from a prior project.

3 12v batteries from a prior project.

Plywood from curbside disposal.

Mahogany pieces (used for motor mount) discarded by neighbor.

Electrical wire from a prior project.

Bolts and screws on hand, mostly salvaged.

Lumber for battery tray on hand and probably salvaged.

More testing will be done on how well the mower cuts and how long the batteries keep it running. The batteries, though little used, are at least 7 years old. That will be taken into account.

Phase 2 will include attempting to power the lawnmower with 2 Ryobi One+ 18v batteries.

I actually just found connectors and even one length of  wire with connectors that I had salvaged from an appliance several years ago. The purchase was unnecessary.

So waste not want not and be organized.




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