Growing organic heirloom tomatoes nature’s way, Natural recycling of fruit and seeds, Simple way to show kids how tomatoes grow without complicated seed saving

Granny says: “Waste not want not.”

I have been harvesting my own seeds from organic heirloom plants such as tomato and bell peppers for several years.

I have read about various methods for seed harvesting and storage.

But I discovered that some plants, in the way nature intended, are easy to propagate from their seeds.

One of those is the organic heirloom tomato plant.

You can take part of a tomato (with seeds showing), put it in soil and of course water it and bingo, you have tomato plants.

In the photo of plants in my south facing bay window, you will see tomatoes (in March in N NC) as well as new plants from tomatoes just as I described. I have been doing this for several years. It has several advantages. These are Beefsteak Tomatoes.

1. I get tomatoes in winter.
2. The plants from last summer kept alive, can be transplanted for an early start the following summer.
3. The tomatoes produced contain seeds for new plants.

Pretty simple, eh?

This makes for a simple way to introduce children to gardening and for growing tomatoes in general.

R.E. Cycle

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  1. Here is an example of saving seeds a more traditional way.

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