Martin EcoSystems  recycled plastic protects coastline by building floating islands and populating them with indigenous plants, UNC TV Tampa Bay’s restoration


From UNC TV.

“EcoSense for Living

Ocean Health – Tales of Recovery #201

Saturday, November 24, 10:30 am on UNC-TV

Duration: 0:26:46

Description: Tampa Bay Restoration & the Great Bay Scallop Search: Tampa Bay’s restoration is a HUGE success story that could only happen with cooperation among non-profits, volunteers, the local and state government and industry. Twenty years ago, they set a goal to clean up the polluted bay. They EXCEEDED their goal and are now a model for other troubled and polluted waterways. Martin EcoSystems – In Louisiana and five other states, Martin EcoSystems has found a way to use recycled plastic to protect coastline by building floating islands and populating them with indigenous plants. This innovative family-run business is rebuilding vulnerable wetlands, one tiny island at a time.”

From Martin Ecosystems.

“Our BioHaven® Floating Islands were installed for this project to provide a habitat for wildlife and water fowl living in and around the waterbodyFloating Islands are floating platforms constructed from recycled PET plastic matrix. Vegetation is grown hydroponically to create a picturesque waterscape for lakes and ponds above the water, while the roots are working hard below to remove unwanted pollutants below the water.Thanks to the work these islands are doing, soon you and your children will be able to enjoy the beautiful waterscape and admire the turtles, fish and birds that make their home near the museum.

RES is the largest and most experienced ecological offset provider in the United States. They’re committed to being stewards for sustainable development and bettering the places we live and work. They created a video that provides more insight into this project at the Louisiana Children’s Museum. It features our Floating Islands and a few words from our own Jason Martin! You can find the video here.


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