Ebike Central new electric bicycle shop in Greensboro and Durham NC, Premium brand electric bikes from Bulls, Easy Motion, Riese & Muller, Surface 604, and Tern, Road, Off Road, Compact, Cargo and Commuter ebikes


In case you don’t see the recycling connection.

Electric vehicles, cars, motorcycles, ebikes, etc. use recycled energy from the sun, wind, water, etc in the form of electricity.

Ebikes, electric bicycles also can use human energy which uses energy from the sun and water which is used to produce food which powers the humans.

There is a new Ebike shop in Greensboro and Durham, NC.

I visited the one in Greensboro yesterday located at 400 State Street.

I spoke with the young man who was excited about the new venture and electric bikes and who also was very courteous and helpful.

I mentioned my long time interest and research in electric vehicles and alternative energy. We had an interesting conversation.

From their website.

“eBike Central is an exclusive electric bicycle (e-Bike) dealer specializing in premium brand eBikes for Road, Off Road, Compact, Cargo, City and Commuting transportation.”

“Ebike Central is an Electric Bicycle exclusive dealer centrally located in the heart of North Carolina. We offer premium brand electric bikes from Bulls, Easy Motion, Riese & Muller, Surface 604, and Tern. We specialize in Road, Off Road, Compact, Cargo and Commuter ebikes.”

“Typical Use Cases of eBikes:

  • Enhance ‘any’ level riding – Smart eBikes provide custom enhancements over traditional rides.
  • Commuting – Ease your existing commute or put within reach a commute you thought not possible.
  • Injury Support – eBikes provide a level of support to individuals wanting to bike but could not use a non-powered bike.

We went through a deep, exhaustive research effort to align ourselves with the Highest Quality, Most Reputable eBike manufacturers to provide the best products to our customers. ”





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