Everyday emergency and catastrophic preparedness, Water food shelter and of course electricity, Everyone should own an inverter, Poor or rich man’s energy source

We are all aware of the need for water, food and shelter.

Everyone should have a supply of canned food, rice, etc.

Most of our emergencies in the US are from hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

Increasingly there are concerns that solar flares may once again disrupt or disrupt the electrical grid.

If this happens on a wide scale you will have more problems than keeping the lights on.

Delivery and cooling of food will be affected. After 3 days of no food in groceries there will be panic.

And don’t forget, no electricity and possibly no water.

I highly recommend having a rain barrel of some sort.

I also strongly recommend that everyone own an inverter. The kind you plug into for A/C power.

Here are mine.

These range from 400 to to 2500 watts.

Obviously the more watts the wider range of devices that can be powered.

In a power outage or other situation (away from a power source) these can be connected to a 12v battery including a car battery. The battery could even be a 12v power tool battery.

Inverters can be purchased for under $ 20.

Suppose things get really bad, a severe solar flare for example.

You may also want to keep some magnets on hand.

Copper wire windings and magnets can be used to make a generator which can be powered by the wind or even a bicycle.

DC motors when spun, are generators and will produce electricity.

A simple generator can be made from a ceiling fan by adding magnets.

Here is one I just opened.

How to make a generator from a fan motor.

Stay tuned for more.

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