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I have been researching and thinking about wind turbines for many years.

About 6 years ago I installed a HAWT, Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, for the experience and education.

This forced me to think about the details, revisit electrical concepts from Physics and learn from watching it.

The startup speed is part of the problem coupled with a lack of gearing.

Unlike the large wind turbines, mine like most yield one turn of the alternator for each wind shaft turn thus requiring faster steadier wind speeds.

I have been watching with great interest for quite a few years VAWT wind turbines and their apparent efficiencies, especially at lower wind speeds.

I finally am designing and experimenting with VAWT technology.

I am beginning simply with recycled repurposed materials.

My first experiments will be on what I perceive to be 1/3 scale.

Initially I will observe the spinning of the VAWT in relation to the propeller wind generator.

After that I will connect probably a small DC generator and monitor the electrical output.

I will aim for a VAWT that generates 1000 watts but will be pleased to end up with 5 VAWTs that produce the same power in low wind speeds.

It may appear silly to try cardboard for fins but that is what I did for the first experiment.

Tomorrow I hope to try 8 more substantial fins and try it out.

Stay tuned.


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