Motor arbor sleeve created from bike seat stem, Should fix problem of set screw slippage, Needed 7/8″ inside diameter to fit over arbor and cover screws, Recycled repurposed parts

I am fine tuning the electric lawnmower that I recently built and tested.

I had concerns from the beginning about the set screws keeping the arbor reliably attached to the motor shaft.

My concerns were justified.

I searched the internet for similar problems and solutions and found many. Here are some:

“Use a shorter setscrew and use a second one right over the first to lock it down.
That’s what we do for the flanges on prop shafts.”

“what we use at work (think BIG conveyors running gear reduction and 200-300 horsepower motors …. s#$@ will NOT stay tight) is either staking the threads on the hole, double setscrews, green sleeve retainer”

“you can stake the threads with a center punch or a chisel … for small stuff, use a center punch.

also, are you reusing set screws? once you tighten them, toss them. they are technically single use (but like everything, single use means 5 years and 5 tear downs lol).”×4-discussion/992177-set-screws-tricks-keep-them-place.html

I wasn’t satisfied with any of the solutions I read about and after some thought came up with what I believe is a better solution for my situation.

A cylindrical sleeve that fits over the arbor and thus prevents the set screws from loosening.

Then I had to find one.

I looked all over my collection of stuff I have saved and salvaged.

I did come up with one piece of pipe 7/8″ in diameter, but it was too flimsy for my standards.

I kept looking around and then searched the internet and found some candidates there.

A few minutes ago I scanned the garage with fresh eyes and eureka, I found it.

The inside diameter of the seat stem of an old bicycle that I kept is the correct diameter.

I used my grinder and produced the sleeve pictured here.

Once again “Waste not want not.”

Not to mention “Necessity is the mother of invention.”


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