Ryobi NiCd batteries, Revive with simple procedure, Youtube videos explain, I just got 2 batteries to go into charge mode, How long will they last?

I have been using Ryobi power tools for many years and I love them.

I hope to use 2 Ryobi One+ Lithium Ion batteries in my electric lawnmower project.

Obviously I have older Ryobi NiCd batteries which had apparently conked out.

Or did they?

By accident a few weeks ago, I found 2 Youtube videos that astounded me.

They claimed to revive what were assumed to be dead NiCd batteries.

Being the skeptic that I am, I just tried it and lo and behold 2 of those batteries appear to be charging.

The next question is, how long will they perform?

I will let you know.



R.E. Cycle

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