Electric lawnmower build system test successful, Next test how well it cuts and how long, All recycled reused repurposed materials, Phase II will be powering with Ryobi One+ batteries

I performed a systems test a few minutes ago on the electric lawnmower I made from scratch using a gasoline power mower chassis and starter wires.

The test went well, so well, so quiet I almost didn’t hear it.

The next step will be testing it for how well it cuts and how long the batteries last.

The batteries are at least 7 years old but were not used much. So far they seem ok.

Of course I will purchase the correct sized arbor for the 1/2″ shaft motor.

I rigged up one I had used for years for my grinder mower. I concocted a sleeve to make the 5/8″ arbor work.

After I am satisfied the mower works well the next phase will be powering it with 2 Ryobi One+ batteries I use for my power tools. Ryobi has a mower based on this power source.

More later.

R.E. Cycle

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