Lawn mowing: going electric, Considering Ryobi One+ 18 volt mower, Building my own electric lawn mower, Much easier than electrifying motorcycle, Started today

I have used a corded electric lawn mower several times but otherwise have used internal combustion engines all of my life.

My ancient mower conked out the end of last season and I have been researching mowers for months.

I looked at traditional mowers, many of the reviews were not good, and electric mowers, nothing impressed me for small lawns until I found the Ryobi One+ 18 volt 16″ mower.

The reviews were good, I have used Ryobi tools for many years and have been very satisfied.

Another plus is that it uses the same batteries that are in my tools and they are affordable.

Fate has changed my decision making process.

To make my own mower I need a chassis.

Today my neighbor rolled over an electric start Craftsman mower. The battery was dead so I circumvented it and discovered the electrical circuit works.

I have converted a small mortorcycle to run on a electric motor and am knowledgeable on the subject.

Decision made.

I disassembled the mower today and recovered a DC motor from another project.

It will be powerful enough to begin with and is a 36 volt model.

I can only work on this part time and will keep you updated.

I can make this work for not much money and I hope to integrate the Ryobi One+ 18 volt batteries.

R. E. Cycle

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