Are you a curbside disposal bigot?, I almost was yesterday, First glance dismissal, Second evaluation came to my senses

Granny says: “Waste not want not.”

I have been retrieving curbside and dumpster disposals for many years for free.

The market value of all this “stuff” or the money saved would be amazing.

I almost passed up an item yesterday.

I came to my senses, reevaluated it and retrieved it.

Are you a curbside disposal bigot? I almost was (and may still be a little bit).

After all, it is not just about us individually.

In the photo you see a cabinet, missing most doors. Because it was not complete, I dismissed it initially.

After reflecting upon it, and perhaps because of my heightened awareness, I took a second look.

It has real wood in it (one of my criteria) and I decided I could salvage that.

After further reflection, I decided I could use it in my restored old garage for storage.

Minimally I would dispose of very little or none of it.

See how it works?

R.E. Cycle

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