Recycling automatic mindset can save money, time and the planet, Keep your eyes and mind open, Drywall scraps found first day of looking

My mom gave me a heads up yesterday that a plumber is coming next Saturday to repair a drain pipe embedded between two walls. She asked me to pick up some drywall for the repair afterwards.

She was a depression era child and trained me well.

The first thing I thought of was not scheduling a trip to the home improvement store but to first check if I had some scraps on hand and if not to keep my eyes open for discards.

Well, not even half way into the first day of looking I hit the motherload.

A construction waste dumpster, within walking distance of my home had plenty. Perfect sizes and some 5 gallon buckets for coffee grounds transport or other projects.

Recycling is a mindset. Make it your first thought, automatic.

You will save money, time and the planet.

R.E. Cycle

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