Raised garden bed made from fencing materials & scrap lumber, Wood recycled & repurposed


I have a very large oak tree in my back yard, other trees on the perimeter and a corridor and pockets of sunlight.

My first raised beds were in the back of the yard getting much sun when the leaves are fallen. Great for cool weather crops and even some success in the summer.

In recent years I began placing small raised beds closer to the front and near the narrow sunlight corridor.

My potato plants have had limited success, needing more sunlight.

For years I have kept tomato and bell pepper plants from the summer alive and producing fruit during the winter in my southern exposure bay window.

This has worked well and been a good location for starting seeds for a jump start on the spring.

I currently have tomato, bell pepper and potato plants thriving in the window and since I have vowed to do better with the potatos and tomatoes, I needed more raised beds for the sunlight corridor.

I have been giving this some thought, always trying to make do with what I own, and decided I could repurpose some old fencing given to me by neighbors years ago and a scrap piece of lumber.

Waste not want not.



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