Recycling bikes makes cents saved, Parts from newest curb find used on 2 other bikes, Cycle of savings


I am constantly noticing bikes discarded on the curb.

The latest was a new looking mountain bike discarded by folks moving near my home. The only thing wrong with it was a flat tire.

I saved a Trek 830 mountain bike several years ago. It had a bent rear wheel.

The Trek bike is in my opinion a better bike so I took the rear wheel and inner tube from the newer bike and placed them on the Trek.

I then took the new looking seat and replaced the seat on the 10 speed that I normally ride.

And I have the following parts left over for future repairs:

  • Front wheel.
  • Tire
  • Inner tube. I found the leak & will repair it.
  • Kick stand.
  • Handle bar & associated parts.
  • Cables.
  • Brakes.
  • Chain.
  • Derailleur.
  • Pedals.
  • Gears.

So the next time you see a discarded bike, look at it with a different light.

Even if you can’t use it now, you may have kids or grandkids who may later.

And you will set a good example.

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