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I try not to be a hypocrite.

I hate stupid.

I am preaching what I have been practicing.

I love coffee shops and coffee.

For many years I have been bringing my own coffee mug.

For many months I have been composting coffee grounds from my favorite coffee shop as well as my own kitchen waste and encouraging others to do so.

Before my coffee shop stopped using plastic bags in the cycle, I was trying to reuse them.

Here is the scorecard of the average coffee shop:

Placing coffee grounds and other food waste in plastic bags which go to the landfill.

Placing plastic cutlery and some plates in plastic bags headed for the landfill.

Sending customers out the door with coffee in paper cups with plastic lids.

Most of the lids can be recycled.

Most of the cups will not be recycled by the municipality.

And even worse, most of the customers do not know this.

Most coffee shops and many municipalities are not educating the public.

Many cups are going in the recycle bin and many lids are going in the trash.

We have a problem.

Point made?

R.E. Cycle

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