Upcycle bicycle parts, Great way to get a creative look and celebrate love of cycling, Full use of bike parts in new and inventive ways

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“11 Cool Ways to Upcycle a Bicycle”

“What if instead of getting any old new bar stool, you could have a unique piece of furniture that was completely made out of reclaimed parts and showed off the ingenuity of upcycling? How about a unique wall hanging that leaves no carbon footprint?

Upcycling an old bike is a great way to get a creative look that also celebrates your love for cycling. Bikes can even be broken down into their base components to make almost any item you can imagine. The following are 11 items that make full use of bike parts in new and inventive items.”



  1. “Bike tableThe inventive item in this photo makes the best use of repurposed bike wheels. It’s a great outdoor or indoor item for any cycling enthusiast. Old rims form the base of the table, while spokes and cords form the unique pattern under the glass. Even the glass was reclaimed from old windows.”
  • BikePic5.jpg
  • “Bike hornsHere’s a great example of using old bike parts in conceptual art. The mock deer heads are an inventive use to be sure. You could use this to hang anything from bikes to coats to umbrellas. It would be great in an apartment where you can’t leave your bike outside.”
  • Bikepic9.jpg
  • “Bike stoolIf you want to reuse the full frame of the bike, this is your project. It’s a real conversation-starter of a piece that would look great by a home bar. This bike was just cut apart with a hacksaw and sanded with a metal file. You can find a quick tutorial here.”










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