Using reused recycled wheelbarrow to transport compost, Commercial grade wheelbarrow discarded by friends years ago, Replaced arm with felled tree milled lumber

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

I was in the backyard a few minutes ago moving compost around and realized that the old wheelbarrow I was using was a multi faceted recycling example.

Some friends of mine discarded it years ago I suppose because the tire kept going flat.

It is commercial grade and a little pricey new so I jumped on it and have used it for years.

I improved the seal of the tire on the rim by applying petroleum jelly, I trick I learned many years ago.

When the tire gets low I simply pump it up with my compressor.

The left arm broke last year so I milled a piece good enough for government work from a small tree I had already felled.

It still works like a champ.

An example of keeping a perfectly useful wheelbarrow, felled tree and compost components from the landfill.

R.E. Cycle



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  1. Two high capacity Clivus composters are located in a utility room behind the main lecture hall. About 4 wheelbarrow loads of compost are removed each year. A pick-up truck tank is used for transport to the nutrient recycling area.

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