Cardboard box or child play house or car or spaceship or …., Cardboard usually free versatile and easily recycled repurposed

My neighbor, who knows he can depend on me for accepting his discards for recycling, recently offered me a large cardboard. I momentarily hesitated, came to my senses and said yes. I realized that even though I had no immediate need for the box I could offer it to my youngest grandkids and they would willingly embrace it for many imaginative projects.

When I was young I would never have hesitated.

We often used large boxes for makeshift sleds to slide down a nearby hill. It was a blast.

So it will be for my grandkids with a probable playhouse (castle) and also as a wall for coloring with crayons.

I found this quickly on the internet.

Cardboard box recycling and kids

A cardboard box is easily the most versatile recycling material (and I love it because it’s almost always free). This was brought home to me when, at his 2nd birthday party, the little guy played with the boxes his gifts came in. In fact, any cardboard box seems to stoke his imagination, especially if he can climb inside. A box becomes a plane, a train, storage for his stuffed toys, a drawing table, a stool (with the bottom reinforced with more cardboard), and anything else he can dream up.

So it comes as no surprise to me that some clever folks out there in internet land have great ideas to continue this tradition. Here are a few that I found. Visit the sites for instructions.”

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