Argument: Cows produce more methane than coffee grounds, Ok, Many animals do, Difference: we created coffee grounds & use of plastic bags going to landfills, We should fix it

I received a comment today in response to efforts to recycle coffee grounds.

“Cows produce more methane”

I responded initially with “Point?”

I am not going to “out” this person.

We all say foolish things.

First of all, many animals, including us, expel methane (farts).

More importantly, there are crucial aspects of not recycling coffee grounds responsibly:

  • Being transported to landfill.
  • In plastic bags.
  • Producing methane.
  • Taking up landfill space.

And, we are not taking advantage of a valuable resource useful in:

  • Composting,¬†Fertilizer.
  • Controlled methane production.
  • Biofuel.
  • Other potential uses.

The use of plastic bags for coffee grounds should not be ignored.

We are only recycling about 15 percent of plastic bags and film in the US.

R.E. Cycle



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