Wood toy building blocks from scrap 2x2s, Easiest toy to make, Children will gravitate to the simplest things like pieces of wood & lids

Granny says: “Waste not want not.”

My mom, who is still alive, grew up during the Great Depression.

Money was tight but they lived pretty well because they lived in the country and grew much of their food, organically.

If they wanted a toy, they made it.

Some of those toys, which I have made myself, involved using a wooden thread spool. Acutally, if use just hand a wooden thread spool to a small child, they will play with it. It has a nice look and feel and it rolls.

Soon after my youngest granddaughter was born, I bought some classic blocks with letters and numbers on them. I have alway loved them.

After her younger brother was born, I was working on a project and had some 2×2 pieces left over. I decided to make some building blocks to be used with the bought ones.

They have been used some.

This morning I was pleased to see them cooperating to use both types of blocks to build things.

The effort paid off and it took little effort and no additional cost.

I highly recommend this project.

R.E. Cycle

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