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Granny says: “Waste not want not.”

In my first article I wrote of my first recycling efforts when I was young which included salvaging lumber and bent nails from construction sites.

This was prompted by my inclination to pick up and use a hammer (probably genetic), having little money and no driver’s license.

So I got the free lumber and straightened the bent nails. By accident, not design, I kept those materials out of the landfill as well as accomplishing my desires with little or no money.

I was raised on sayings like “Waste not want not” which were put into action by those around me.

My older neighbor salvaged nuts and bolts that otherwise would be discarded. He had a large interesting collection.

I began doing so a short time later and to this day have a good collection which I often use.

I have been recycling, repurposing and reusing all of my life and have shared this with my children and grandchildren.

I believe in the concept and in sharing with younger generations.

I bought my then 2 year old granddaughter a small crescent wrench and made a simple practice block with a nut and bolt attached.

My next step will be to introduce her to the concept of saving nuts, bolts, screws and other hardware.

More on this and other projects for kids of all ages soon.

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