Cold frame a mini green house easy to make from recycled materials, Keep plants alive in winter or give a head start in spring, Recycled glass windows preferred

I have been making and using cold frames, mini green houses, for many years.

A few years ago I made the one in the photo for someone.

I used a recycled storm window, my favorite, leftover recycled plywood and 1 x 2s I already had.

It is very easy, and from looking at the photo, self evident how to construct it.

This one can be used for many years.

Another variation involves using PVC plumbing pipe bent into a semi circle with plastic film stretched over it.

Some green houses employ this technique as well.

A thicker mil plastic will last for years and should be recycled after its useful life has ended.

I have also used a cold frame inside a green house for extra protection.

Ultimately, this is a passive solar project as well.

R.E. Cycle


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